Luxury decoration for exclusive designs

We have always dreamed of our perfect home. With that place that will be our rest, the accomplice of our happiness and our best moments. And the good thing about dreaming is that we can do it in a big way and with luxury decoration.
EIn Luxury Concrete we have created the best ally of luxury decoration. A material that makes your dreams come true. A coating that covers every surface of your home with a single material: microcement.

Welcome to the place you deserve
Welcome to Luxury Concrete.

Luxury decoration to invent privileged corners

Styles that transmit incomparable emotions

Now imagine that to luxury decoration you can add a combination of colors, textures and varnishes that will provide your rooms with unlimited aesthetic possibilities of high visual impact.

It doesn't matter whether you have classic or more daring tastes and whether you opt for retro, industrial inspiration or rustic atmospheres. Luxury Concrete, thanks to its variety of products, adapts perfectly to the most demanding requirements and the specific needs of each home.

We have a wide range of microcements that cover all kinds of possibilities and styles.

Rustic Style

Simplicity, strength and naturalness are the main characteristics that define the rustic style. It is dominated by brown, green, gray and golden tones. It stands out for the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone (or its effect) and fabrics combined with handcrafted decoration.
They are cozy styles that transport us to old houses, but with modern touches that make them unique.

The rustic style combines comfort and sophistication. One of its essential elements is the choice of heavy solid wood furniture and very rough decoration. To achieve this style, our two-component microcement Concrete Base is ideal. It is used to achieve spectacular decorative effects, such as the worn wall effect or Pietra Spaccata.

Its application in the traditional way provides a rough look and a less worked result, characteristics that make it a style with distinctive touches capable of making architects and decorators fall in love with it.

And you, do you love the rustic style?

Minimalistic style

Decorative austerity and the concept "less is more" characterize the minimalist style. In it, only functional elements are used. The important thing is to unify the design in space, in all senses:

Use the same color, but in different shades, and the same material for floors and walls. And for this, microcement is the best material. Uniting verticality and horizontality to create visual balance with a single focal point is one of the main objectives of microcement.

Simplicity and plainness of ornamental elements are essential to create this style. And, that' s why our ready-to-use microcement Easycret Thin is a specialist for two reasons: for its simple and uniform finish and for its ease of application.

Nordic style

The Nordic style moves away from traditional styles. It is characterised by its concept of functionality, comfort and simplicity. Nothing in this style is randomly placed. Each of its elements has a specific use. That is why the Nordic style is referred to as a minimalist style. In this style it is not necessary to have many elements, but it is essential to have a function for each one of them.
It stands out for its grey and white tones, but sometimes a touch of color is added to bring fun and break with the cold style of its name.

In the Nordic/Scandinavian style, wood predominates as a key element, but it is often combined with other materials such as metal. Copper and brass are very important in this style. At Luxury Concrete we have our True Metal bi-component metallic coating, which allows you to obtain authentic metallic or oxidised finishes of copper and brass and other minerals such as bronze and iridium. An essential product to create this very personal Nordic style in any room.

Vintage style

Vintage style is a trip to the past. It is a type of decoration that is characterized by having elements and furniture that evoke the old. In this style, craftsmanship stands out. We move to the unique, exclusive and that care for detail. It is not a common decoration, but very measured and singular, where the pieces are manufactured in small quantities.

Neutral tones in the furniture and white walls are identifying characteristics of this style that is in demand today. Rust is synonymous with "the passage of time". Therefore, having a rusty touch on a wall or on some furniture can help us to achieve this characteristic style.

In Luxury Concrete we have two ranges of products that offer this finish thanks to our key product that acts as a rust accelerator. We are talking about True Metal and Oxid Metal, which allow us to achieve an oxidized finish that in a natural way would take years.

Classic Style

Luxury is the main element of the classic style. Its commitment to pure, robust and elegant materials and the choice of intense colors make it one of the most demanded styles. And the fact is that time does not pass. It is a timeless style that manages to create an atmosphere in which the signs of identity are always present.

Shiny glass or metal surfaces play the leading role in the decoration of this style where visual balance is always present. Our Oxid Metal and True Metal ranges allow to obtain these characteristic metallic finishes.

Neutral tones dress most of the space of the classic styles: the white, cream and toasted tones of our Nordic and Warm ranges are the undisputed protagonists. They manage to bring that touch of space and light that only a style that needs no packaging can have. Betting on the classic in interior decoration is, without a doubt, betting on elegance and sophistication.

Industrial Style

To speak of industrial style is to speak of spaciousness, height and luminosity. It is characterized by being a diaphanous space in which gray tones, metal and large glass windows are essential.

The industrial style has the ability to mix the charm of the old with the elegance of the modern. It takes us to the lofts of the purest New York style where the large windows, the brick and the high height are very characteristic elements.

The palette of neutral tones is used to provide a warm and cozy feel. The industrial style adds a variety of browns and grays.

Industrial style is synonymous with spaciousness. And if we talk about space, we have to talk about microcement. It allows us to create continuity by eliminating joints and offering an open space.

One of the main characteristics of the industrial style is to incorporate iron or rusty materials. Our ranges of special finishes for microcement offer precisely this: a metallic touch with the possibility of converting it to rust for all coatings.

The mixture of different types of wood and metal, the straight lines and the choice of less ornamental elements make the industrial style one of the styles with the most personality.