Concrete Pox
Epoxy microcement with greater hardness and impermeability

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Concrete Pox is a water-based epoxy microcement of high performance and low thickness created to be applied in interiors and give them high decorative finishes. A mixture of aggregates, cycloaliphatic amine adducts and water-based epoxy resin, it combines the best conditions of each component. Resistance, hardness and impermeability cover interior walls and floors that allow to go out of the ordinary thanks to its 16 colors and 4 granulometries that promise natural mineral finishes.

A continuous coating manufactured with the heart, the experience and the know-how of more than a decade manufacturing luxury decorative coatings, in which all our knowledge is mixed, allowing us to provide effective solutions to each space to transform them into special places.

An epoxy microcement with premium properties

Behind the great spaces, there are the best materials. Thus, with its unique characteristics, Concrete Pox two- component epoxy microcement adapts to the characteristics of floors and walls, increasing their aesthetic value and the quality of finishes.

Factory with epoxy microcement flooring

Mechanical resistance

Concrete Pox has been designed to create special surfaces of unlimited time. This is due to its high mechanical resistance, with which it is capable of resisting any force applied against it without cracking.


The epoxy resin confers an ideal anti-deformation power to surfaces exposed to heavy traffic and abrasive wear. This makes it a long-term material, promising areas that remain intact over time or in the face of everyday attacks. A coating that enjoys a Shore Hardness of 80-87.


Its enhanced impermeability prepares this epoxy microcement to withstand the most extreme humidity conditions and constant contact with running water.

Very natural finish

Its finishes are inspired by the shine of the most beautiful and resistant natural mineral formations we can find.

Excellent workability

It offers excellent workability increasing the possibility of obtaining great results easily.

High adhesion

Concrete Pox can be applied on any surface. This adaptability is exceptional compared to other coatings on the market.

High degree of customization

With its almost 20 colors and 4 granulometries, this epoxy microcement can create spaces with a high degree of customization in both floors and walls.

Concrete Pox: epoxy microcement with infinite decorative and technical possibilities

When we talk about Concrete Pox, we talk about great qualities.
These extend to the field of decoration and adaptation to the spaces, giving each of these, what it needs.

Concrete Pox epoxy micro-cement flooring in warehouse

As it contains epoxy resin, it is ideal for high wear areas such as garages or warehouses, as well as for floors and walls of galleries, stores, waiting rooms, corridors or offices. It is ideal for any area with high pedestrian traffic, where natural finishes and good resistance are required.

The 4 granulometries, in which it is available, raise the aesthetic possibilities of floors and walls when it comes to finding the desired decorative effect.

Characteristics of Concrete Pox epoxy microcement

Concrete Pox is a material with unique properties. This is due to the fact that it is made up of components that combine their characteristics to create a better product.

Component A
Based on cycloaliphatic amine adducts.
Solids: 82 ± 2 %
Viscosity: 45 - 65 Pa•s a 25ºC
pH: 9,5 ±
Density: 1,65 ± 0,02 g/mL.
Component B
Water-based epoxy resin
Solids: 100%
Viscosity: 8 - 10 Pa•s
Density at 25ºC: 1,16 g/mL
Flash point of 266ºC.

Concrete Pox Extra: rocky and traditional look for floors

Concrete Pox Extra is the epoxy microcement for floor preparation that provides extra hardness and allows rustic finishes with a coverage of 1.1 kg/m².

Concrete Pox Basic: attractive textures for walls

Concrete Pox Basic is Luxury Concrete's epoxy microcement preparation used for the wall system, giving them an infinite effect with natural finishes with a coverage of 0.9 kg/m².

Concrete Pox Medium: homogeneity and minimalism for floors

Concrete Pox Medium is the epoxy microcement finish for floors that provides continuous finishes with a practical and elegant aesthetic with a coverage of 0.55 Kg/m².

Concrete Pox Thin: finesse and subtlety at the service of walls

Concrete Pox Thin is a high-adhesion epoxy microcement for finishing interior walls without the use of any additives, allowing high-end finishes to be obtained with a coverage of 0.45 kg/m².

Epoxy microcement in 3 packaging types

Concrete Pox is available in 2 types of packs. Two sets with different weights to better adapt to the quantity required by users. Thus, they can choose between a first pack of 18 kg of Component A + 1.15 kg of Component B and a second pack of 4.5 kg of Component A + 0.3 kg of Component B.

How to apply Concrete Pox epoxy microcement on floors and walls

Concrete Pox is an epoxy microcement with 4 granulometries with the power to generate different sensations on floors and interior walls. Its ability to achieve excellent results begins with its adhesion to any type of substrate and ends with outstanding mechanical and decorative performance.

Office with Concrete Pox microcement floor

In between there is a simple and artisanal process based on the mixing, the preparation of the substrate and the application of this coating, which we will explain below.

Step 1 - Preparation

The substrate to be applied must be dry, clean and free of dust, grease, dirt, paint or previous varnishing. This can be sanded or stripped, whether it is the floor or walls.

Step 2 - Priming

On mineral or cementitious surfaces it is recommended to use the Primacrete family. In the case of wet surfaces, Impoxy®.

Step 3 - Pigmenting

Pour the desired color toner to component A of Concrete Pox epoxy microcement for pigmenting. This step can also be done after mixing component A and component B.

Step 4 - Mixing of components A and B

Mix the two components (A + B) and homogenise with a mechanical stirrer at low revolutions.
*Exact proportions can be found in the technical data sheet.

Step 5 - Apply 2 coats of epoxy microcement for preparation

Apply two coats of Concrete Pox Extra or Concrete Pox Basic, depending on the desired finish. The coats should be a maximum of 1 mm. Sand with 220 grit sandpaper after each coat.
*The drying time will depend on the temperature (see technical data sheet).

Step 6 - Apply 1 coat of finishing epoxy microcement

Apply one coat of Concrete Pox Medium or Concrete Pox Thin to the surface, depending on the desired finish. Then sand with 400 grit sandpaper.
*Drying times in technical data sheet.

Step 7 - Sealing

Respect a drying time of 48 hours before sealing the substrate. Use the varnishes of the Concrete Finish family. We recommend Concrete Finish WT (apply in 2 coats, allowing a minimum of 8 hours drying time between coats). Leave to act for a week to consolidate its properties.