Microcement in Tampa
Supreme cement finishes

Luxury Concrete® is a company dedicated to the manufacture of microcements with unique characteristics, capable of giving a touch of distinction to the floors and walls of those spaces that want to achieve aesthetic and constructive excellence.

Our different teams put all their experience in developing coatings that reach the highest levels of quality. Thus, they are designed and tested by true professional experts.

Our coatings have outstanding properties, marked by sophistication, ideal for any space. These are summarized in multiple resistances and unparalleled beauty, characteristics that at the very least have to reach the maximum.

You have reached the highest level of microcement in Tampa. Welcome to Tampa.

Microcement in Tampa: top coatings for indoor and outdoor use

To all this, we must also add its great durability, which is what allows it to have a high decorative degree in any surface, both vertical and horizontal, as well as in interiors or exteriors.

Thus, ceilings, walls, floors, stairs, bathrooms, swimming pools can be maintained as the first day of application showing its quality against moisture, bumps, scratches or UV rays over time.

Microcement terrace with forest views

Indoor excelence with microcement

There is no material on the market that guarantees such finishes as does the microcement. In fact, this is one of the reasons why interior designers and all kinds of professionals dedicated to decoration count on it as the first choice when it comes to giving an elegant touch to any room.

There is no space that can resist the charms of microcement in Tampa because it can adapt to any environmental conditions such as those that occur in bathrooms and kitchens, where thermal variations and exposure to water and its derivatives is almost constant.

Exteriors that don´t feel the humidity

Tampa is a city with fairly high humidity conditions throughout the year. This can be a handicap for other building materials but not for microcement.

This, naturally, already has a very high resistance and is able to easily achieve impermeability just by sealing it with one of our specialized varnishes. In this way, no stains or mildew will ever appear on the surfaces to which it is applied.

Smooth finishes for new and old constructions

Our line of microcements has been created to turn any place into the space of your dreams, no matter if it is a house or an office or other buildings in the workplace.

Have you ever dreamed of a place where the feeling of infinity runs through every surface, filling the rooms with a sense of spaciousness never seen before and a brilliant luminosity? If so, it does not matter whether it is a future creation or a renovation, because with microcement, in either case, you will increase the quality of life at many other levels, since the finishes that can be achieved, indistinctly, are sublime in any case.

For home and commercial renovations

As we said before in Luxury Concrete® we are specialists in recreating the places that people dream of, but not only this, because in the case of renovations, we are able to make the dreamed renovation a reality.

Thus, with our microcements reforms with works do not exist, we transform them into renovation processes in which no debris is generated, which makes them faster, cleaner and much more pleasant, in which the rooms are operational in record time, without having to be unused for weeks, in the best case.

When renovating spaces with microcement you should know that you will always achieve exclusive finishes, with a very high level of customization that will adapt to your decorative expectations and to all the decorative styles you can imagine with the utmost elegance.

Microcement in Tampa: elegance everywhere thanks to Luxury Concrete®

It is a privilege to be able to elevate the status of any area with microcement in Tampa and to be able to transmit any type of personality through a space, whatever it may be, since, as we are going to see now, it is a material that can be applied on practically any surface.

Floors to enjoy walking on

Floors are surfaces that find a great ally in microcement. This guarantees an extraordinary cleanliness of dust or accumulated dirt and beautiful finishes that last for unlimited time. In addition, by covering them, it increases their resistance, something vital for these areas where traffic is usually very high.

This capacity to resist is also very important in exteriors, where it demonstrates its firmness to withstand any threat and, in addition, it adapts to any natural environment.

Walls of the highest level

There is no better display to appreciate the aesthetic and functional qualities of a material such as microcement.

When applied on these surfaces, due to their vertical arrangement, they become a constant demonstration of unique and silky finishes that unite with other properties such as elasticity, durability and resistance in a limited area that is scratch-proof and other threats.

Privileged bathrooms

These rooms tend to be more delicate because they are usually exposed to fairly high and, above all, frequent levels of water exposure and humidity. For this reason, architects and other construction professionals know that, by using microcement, they are using a material that is resistant to such regularity levels that it can be applied to any bathroom surface such as walls, floors, sinks, showers, bathtubs.

In addition to its resistance, it has the ability to create non-slip and therefore safer areas, in which, under no circumstances, aesthetics are neglected.

Kitchens that are a real treat

With our coatings, the high wear and tear that kitchens usually suffer, is not a threat to any surface.

The exquisiteness in the finishes of floors, walls, islands, countertops or shelves of work is mixed with a brightness that provides amplitude in a natural way, resulting in an infallible recipe in which the microcement is the star ingredient.

Stylish pools

Increasing the pleasure of bathing in a pool is within reach of very few materials but among them is the microcement.

Thus, this coating bathes the surfaces that form it with a subtle elegance and resistant conditions that perfectly withstand under the sun to impacts and contractions or expansions that usually occur with temperature changes that may occur, being, normally, outdoors and always in contact with water.

Styles and colors for microcement dreamy spaces

In Luxury Concrete® we are aware that microcement must address two very important variables: aesthetics and construction. Thus, we could not just create coatings with fabulous technical conditions but that did not reach aesthetic minimums. And since for us the minimum is the maximum, that is what we do.

Our coatings also demonstrate an amazing versatility to adapt to any decorative style, no matter if it is classic, industrial, minimalist, rustic, modern, vintage or Nordic, adapting to its characteristics to get the best out of it.

Also, our microcements have a wide chromatic range of more than 35 colors, to increase the decorative possibilities they already have.

Luxury Concrete®: pro works are for only pro applicators

For us, excellence is our standard and to achieve it we have to have the best. So, as it could not be otherwise, we have the best materials, microcements of exceptional quality, but also a team of expert applicators who are able to get the most out of our products and get the best results.

Microcement floor application

Our specialists, as it could not be otherwise, perform each application in an artisanal way, which ensures fully customized results that make each space a unique piece.

This is only possible with a refined technique that they have managed to acquire through years of experience, applications in any type of location, to the completion of training courses in which they perfect, even more if possible, their skills and mastery of any surface.

Although these training courses are promoted by Luxury Concrete®, they are also open to external professionals, who do not belong to our staff, who want to become masters of the application. A degree that they can achieve since the teachers are our professional applicators and the materials used are all part of our product catalog, so they can use the most advanced application methods and squeeze each product since they know them perfectly.

International expertise beyond Tampa

More than a decade of experience accredits us as true specialists in everything related to a material such as microcement. From manufacturing to application and distribution, we dominate every aspect.

Luxurious bedroom with microcement flooring in light tones

We do not worry about the latest trends because, practically, we bring them out ourselves. In this way, we continue to invest in R+D+i to create products in which innovation is always present to satisfy the most demanding customers.

In fact, we have microcement systems prepared for the needs of professionals such as those we have designed for swimming pools, epoxy resin ideal for interiors, or ready to use, which do not need to be applied by professionals.

We guarantee anyone working in the sector that among the Luxury Concrete® range you will find similar products to those you use but with a much higher quality and performance.

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