Introducing Concrete Pox, our new epoxy coating

May 2, 2022

Luxury Concrete® increases its catalog of high quality coatings with Concrete Pox, a water-based epoxy coating designed to waterproof and increase the resistance of indoor surfaces to ensure environments that breathe a higher level of well-being.

This low-thickness microcement, a mixture of aggregates and epoxy resins, not only enhances the technical qualities of floors and walls, but when applied it also enhances the aesthetic appearance of these surfaces thanks to the almost 20 colors and 4 granulometries that help to achieve unprecedented levels of decoration and customization.

High-performance epoxy coating with maximum efficiency

This water-based epoxy microcement has unique characteristics that allow it to adapt perfectly to any type of interior surface. Thus, with its great workability, the desired finishes can be achieved easily, both in vertical and horizontal areas.

Its greater impermeability compared to other coatings gives it the superior level of resistance to withstand permanent contact with running water and the most extreme conditions of humidity.

In addition, the resin it contains makes it an ideal material for use in high-wear areas such as garages and warehouses, as well as in places with high pedestrian traffic such as offices, galleries, press rooms or stores, ensuring that cracks do not appear over time.

Its application guarantees natural finishes reminiscent of the shine of natural mineral formations which, thanks to its durability, are maintained for an unlimited period of time in unbeatable conditions.

Available in 16 colors and 4 different granulometries, the customization options are infinite, with its multiple chromatic combinations and finishes ranging from the most rocky or traditional to the most subtle minimalism.

With this launch, Luxury Concrete® once again proves its extensive experience as well as its great knowledge of microcement, covering the needs of applicators and spaces with a product destined to revolutionize the epoxy coatings sector.