What is microcement?

Microcement is the decorative coating that has been designed to personalise all types of surfaces with luxury finishes. It provides a continuous surface that conveys distinction and sophistication in any living space.

The absence of joints maximises the spaciousness of the space and facilitates the maintenance of the cladding. With microcement, each surface is unique. It covers floors and walls to create an exclusive decorative style.

Its resistance to high temperatures, abrasion and the wear and tear caused by the passage of time make it the ideal covering for both interior and exterior surfaces. In addition, it does not crack or crack.

What makes up microcement?

Microcement is formulated with cement, resins, aggregates, additives and pigments. From the mixture of these elements, a uniform paste of barely 3 millimetres is obtained, ideal for covering walls, floors and ceilings. The result of applying microcement is the creation of a beautiful, consistent, seamless and non-cracking surface. As a decorative coating, it is a lightweight material, which does not require large equipment for its application. The necessary materials are transported in a more convenient way, compared to other decorative materials.

Advantages of microcement

Synonymous with quality of life

With micro-cement, there is no need to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of spaces. Thanks to its high technology and its "Easy to clean" property, the hygiene of walls and floors is child's play. The absence of joints facilitates the care of the coating, which means that it can even be applied on shower trays, thus achieving anti-slip and anti-bacterial surfaces. It is easy to clean and maintain. To clean the microcement it is sufficient to use neutral pH soap and a little water.

High decorative value finishes

Microcement is very attractive for designers and decorators, as they find in this decorative coating a perfect material to achieve finishes of high decorative value. It offers unlimited aesthetic possibilities. Beauty and luxury go hand in hand to create unique coverings. The variety of effects and textures enhance the decoration of any space.

Exquisiteness without the need for renovation

The renovation and decoration of spaces with microcement translates into a 3 mm thick coating, which makes it possible to create luxurious atmospheres without the need for building work or rubble. This commitment to luxury without rubble translates into an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.

Exclusive and personalised results

Let your imagination run wild to enjoy a decorative cladding that is ideal for exclusive and personalised finishes. The application of microcement is handcrafted and each cladding offers a different result.

Great adhesion on all types of substrates

As if all this were not enough, the great adherence and millimetric thickness of microcement means that it can be applied on top of other surfaces that we want to cover, such as ceramics, thus avoiding arduous clearing work and long and tedious building work.
It is compatible with all types of substrates, except wood. Ideal for covering marble, concrete, cement, plaster, tiles, stoneware or terrazzo.

Redecorate floors, walls, ceilings and swimming pools

No space can resist microcement, which allows you to redecorate floors, ceilings and walls with an unequalled and resistant continuous surface. It is a material designed to cover indoor and outdoor spaces with the utmost elegance.

Creates an aesthetic beauty that is resistant to knocks and scratches

Microcement is a decorative coating that is perfect for creating surfaces that give a sense of continuity to all rooms. It is a material that is resistant to knocks and scratches and does not crack over time.

Offers non-slip finishes

The rougher textured finishes offered by microcement translate into non-slip surfaces. The combination of aesthetics, luxury and safety makes microcement a safe bet for covering bathrooms or floors near swimming pools.

Variety of colours

One of the most important features is the fact that microcement can be mixed with coloured pigments. This functionality allows two things to be done at the same time: coating and colouring the surface. Thanks to the variety of colours it allows, it is a material that guarantees unequalled beauty.

Ally of decorative styles

Microcement is a perfect ally for any decorative style. Continuity and elegance is the best argument for choosing this cladding in minimalist, rustic, Nordic, industrial, vintage or classic environments.

Microcement for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces

Bicomponent microcement

It is a coating composed of cement and resin. It offers high adherence and a variety of textures to achieve unique finishes in any room.

Ready-to-use microcement

This is the filling that offers the quickest application. It is ideal for quicker and simpler renovations than with traditional microcement.


This is the microcement that contains powdered resin and only needs to be mixed with water. It is the product designed to facilitate storage and preparation.

Where to apply microcement?

The home is the perfect place to show the personality, status and lifestyle of its inhabitants. Microcement as a luxury cladding is the material of choice for creating privileged corners and transmitting the essence of the home. It takes care of every detail to the maximum and allows all surfaces to be joined together with the same material.

Its versatility as a decorative cladding multiplies the design possibilities in every corner of the home. Beyond the meters, a house that breathes luxury meets three premises: good distribution, quality finishes and luminosity. Microcement is the common nexus of all three and lays the foundations for creating stylish spaces, whether on the floor, walls, kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. It makes visual limits non-existent.

Microcement flooring

Microcement flooring is one of the most common applications due to its high resistance to foot traffic. Coating the floor with microcement is to create a surface that is easy to clean, as the absence of joints prevents dirt from getting stuck in areas that are difficult to access.

As a luxury decorative coating, it can be applied in interiors and exteriors on any type of support, except parquet, as it contracts and expands, which could cause cracks in the microcement. It is the best ally to enhance the luminosity of any room.

Microcement on walls

Wall cladding is synonymous with opting for a silky finish that enhances the decorative style. It is the maximum expression of beauty that can be achieved with microcement. Microcement wall cladding provides greater durability, elasticity and resistance. It is a scratch-resistant material. It achieves finishes of high aesthetic value without eliminating the existing surface. Pure elegance on a non-trafficable surface.

With the application of the sealing varnish, the final finish is embellished and a coating that is impermeable to running water is achieved. It is the perfect solution for application in damp spaces. Microcement on walls gives even more amplitude to each room and transmits an exquisite elegance.

Microcement in kitchens

Micro-cement in kitchens transforms and covers this part of the house that is so exposed to wear and tear without the need to remove the old tiles. Its extraordinary adherence to all types of substrates and its high resistance are the best letter of introduction for renovating the kitchen with this luxury decorative cladding. It is a stain-proof material.

Microcement kitchens are resistant to the impact of everyday objects. They conquer the light and transmit a feeling of spaciousness superior to that offered by any other cladding. It combines perfectly with metallic or stone finishes.

Microcement bathrooms

Microcement bathrooms have conquered interiors and have become a source of inspiration. The time has come to cover the walls, floor, washbasin, shower or bathtub with the same material. The sealing varnish completes a dream application for a bathroom that is resistant to moisture. It is the ideal decorative coating for an anti-slip finish, a very important feature in a room where slips and falls are frequent.

The icing on the cake for the microcement bathroom comes with the colours. If grey seems a cold tone, you can always choose a glossy or white finish to obtain a warmer sensation. The options for this material are many and making a bathroom with your own style is one of them. Bespoke bathroom designs.

Microcement swimming pools

Microcement pools are one of the latest trends in the decorative use of this coating. Renovating or creating a swimming pool from scratch is a challenge that requires quality materials if you want to achieve unique finishes. Resistance to impacts and scratches is guaranteed. It offers continuity in the design and total integration with the environment surrounding the pool.

Microcement in the pool neither expands nor contracts with changes in temperature. Its application makes it possible to give the pool a complete change with just a few millimetres of thickness. Create a dream pool to immerse yourself in elegance and luxury.

Microcement stairs

There are places where we would always like to go. And microcement stairs are one of them. They offer incredible views and allow you to breathe exclusivity at every step. They create unique finishes with an unequalled feeling of spaciousness to achieve an atmosphere of high decoration.

Microcement staircases allow us to transport us to different atmospheres. Their chromatic possibilities are endless. They are an architecture within the home itself and the ideal option to break with the most classic decoration. They enhance any decorative style to create an incomparable place full of beauty. They connect different plants with a handcrafted design.

Microcement outdoors

Is there anything more inviting for relaxation than a corner made to your specifications? Spaces such as terraces are perfect scenarios to enhance outdoor microcement. Its excellent durability and decorative finishes create unique spaces in which to relax.

The landscapes, the environment and the natural colours that surround outdoor microcement make it unbeatable. But if we add to this the elegance provided by a good choice of colours, it cannot be compared to other decorative coatings.

We always like outdoor spaces, regardless of the time of year. And even more so if it is a large terrace, surrounded by a garden and with a flawless continuous surface.

How to apply microcement

The process of applying microcement depends on the system and the characteristics of the substrate, but above all it requires skilled labour. Below we present how to apply microcement.

  1. Cleaning the substrate: Preparation of the substrate is fundamental and it is essential to ensure that it is free of dust, damp and grease. The base of the substrate must be consolidated and in perfect planimetric conditions.
  2. Application of primer or bonding bridge and placing a fibreglass mesh: The primer facilitates the adhesion of the microcement base with the surface.
  3. Microcement base or preparation: Two coats of microcement base will be applied, which offers a coarser grain. It offers great mechanical resistance and strong adherence on any type of support.
  4. Finishing micro-cement: Two layers of finishing micro-cement will be applied to the surface, the texture of which will depend on the desired finish. Depending on the trowel movements, different aesthetic effects can also be achieved.
  5. Once the surface is dry and 24-48 hours have passed since the application of the second coat of finishing microcement, the surface should be sanded.
  6. Application of the sealing varnish: It is advisable to apply two coats of the chosen sealing varnish to protect the microcement finish.

Colours of microcement

When we think of microcement, most people associate this decorative cladding with the colour grey. But the truth is that it can be used in a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes. Its pigmentation system allows customised colours to be achieved.

The colours of Luxury Concrete's microcement cover the luminous and minimalist tones of the light tones, the more collected atmospheres of the warm pigments and the boldness of the most vivid chromatisms.
A chromatic range that adapts to any environment and decorative style.

Basic Collection

The Basic range is characterised by its luminous and elegant colours which are suitable for giving prominence to furniture and decoration.

These are colours in which whites and creams predominate, projecting a sensation of cleanliness, peace and serenity.

Warm Collection

Warm pigments with a predominance of ochre, mustard, terracotta and clay tones that are designed to create sensations of seclusion and reflection.

This range is ideal for creating contrasting effects with cold tones, whether white, grey or cream, so as not to attenuate the entry of natural light and to obtain a striking and intense room.

Nordic Collection

The colours that emerged from the cold. Light shades in which the eagerness to capture luminosity and enhance it by all means predominates.

Our Nordic range includes shades of delicate and fragile beauty such as Linen and other more pastel shades such as Sienna or Ginger that reflect natural light and visually enhance it. These colours of our microcements are perfect to combine with furniture or wooden beams and green or yellow textiles.

Live Collection

Boldness and joie de vivre are reflected in our Live colour range. They are created to fill our rooms with strength and let us be imbued by the vital energy that our decorative coatings give off.

Live colours are also evocative colours that can bring back memories in a vivid way, from a paradisiacal holiday in the Seychelles to an alpine hike in Piedmont, these pigments bring back a little of the romanticism of our most special moments.

How durable is microcement?

Microcement has a high durability and, with proper maintenance, the decorative coating resists the passage of time without any sign of deterioration. For maintenance, frequent cleaning with a neutral detergent is sufficient. With the use of Luxury Concrete maintenance waxes, the microcement surface retains its original appearance with a glossy finish.

Where to buy microcement?

Microcement cladding is luxury, style, elegance and exclusivity. Those who buy microcement seek to create luxury environments, they seek to feel unique and special. One of the objectives of Luxury Concrete is to bring the material that has conquered the hearts of designers, interior designers and architects.

Microcement has become the perfect coating to create continuous surfaces with high performance, flexible and durable finishes on any type of support. If you are looking to buy microcement, we can help you through our online shop. We have a wide range of products designed for the professional applicator who wants to offer the best products.

In Luxury Concrete we are concerned about the sustainability of the planet. That is why we are a microcement manufacturing company in which respect for the environment is part of our philosophy. We manufacture, distribute and design products that have a reduced ecological footprint and whose impact on nature is much less than with other materials. Because we understand that quality and sustainability are two concepts that must go hand in hand.