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Primers for microcement

Primacrete is Luxury Concrete's range of primers and adhesion promoters for microcement. This product line guarantees optimal preparation of the substrate before coating the surface and allows laying the foundation for top quality finishes.

The adhesion promoters generate a transparent and uniform layer that facilitates the bonding of the substrate with the microcement. Our primers are compatible with any space and for this we have developed different products that adapt to all types of surfaces.

In Primacrete the professional applicator has at his disposal primers for absorbent surfaces, little or no absorbent and even an epoxy system that blocks moisture and water vapor. Below we present the different primers that Luxury Concrete offers professionals within the Primacrete range.


It is the acrylic primer in aqueous dispersion that promotes adhesion between the new microcement and the existing substrate. It is used, mainly, in mortars and concretes.

Ready-to-use product easy to apply
Application by brush or microfiber rolle
Great adhesion power on different substrates

Primacrete ABS

It is the adhesion promoter created for the application of microcement on absorbent surfaces, such as plasterboard or plaster. It is a product that is free of solvents, plasticizers, ammonia and free of emulsifiers.

Dry to the touch
Applicable by microfiber roller or brush.
Ready to use product

Primacrete Plus

An adhesion promoter for the application of Luxury Concrete microcements on non-absorbent surfaces, such as marble, terrazzo or tile.

Water-based polymeric dispersion
Solvent free
Applicable by roller or brush
Ready to use product


Excellent performance, 100% solids, solvent-free, two-component epoxy system. Used as a vapor barrier or moisture barrier.

Excellent workability
Low viscosity
Environmentally friendly
30 minutes to touch dry