Empresa de microcemento Luxury Concrete®

Luxury Concrete®

We know what we do
because we do it


Luxury Concrete® is investigation

We are experts manufacturing coatings for floors and walls, for indoor and outdoor. We have a wide range of products of the highest quality in terms of hardness and resistance. We have a professional team that tests our products to achieve the best possible quality. It is very important for us to produce as environmentally-friendly as possible. We work daily to achieve a sustainable manufacturing and our waste is eliminated in an appropriate recycling facility.

Luxury Concrete® is experience.

The success of our company is based on a deep knowledge of the products that we manufacture and the national and international markets and the needs of the end customer. Our Logistics Division has an area specialized in export managing daily international orders. We can supply our products anywhere in the world thanks to our agreements with international carriers.

Luxury Concrete® is passion

The best moments in life are those that fill the soul, leave us breathless and make us speechless. Moments that convey feelings. Those are the moments that we seek, labour that makes the world come to a halt. The finish of our coating is an application made with precision and passion as of the first minute. Our commitment is an impeccable execution, result of coordinated teamwork.

Luxury Concrete® is training

The team of applicators of Luxury Concrete® is perfectly trained and distributed in Spain and the rest of the world. Years of experience of our applicators allows them to solve any incidence in record time. We make sure that the labour is done by recommended professionals. We transmit our knowledge through courses of application in which new professionals are formed. We work only with reliable applicators.
If you are interested in becoming part of the applicators team of Luxury Concrete®, please leave your details here