Microcement staircases: the perfect element for luxury rooms

September 15, 2021

Microcement stairs allow us to transport us through different environments and designs. They are a small piece of architecture within a space and the perfect option to break with the classic. The personality they transmit goes beyond a simple architectural style. They connect rooms and create incomparable places.

his type of staircase is much more than a means of communicating living spaces. They convey an elegant style with every step and enhance the decorative style of the home. Although we value having a lift, who has never dreamed of having a spiral staircase or one with fine handrails?

In Luxury Concrete we are aware of the importance of microcement stairs in modern homes. That is why we present a proposal for you to discover all that this decorative coating brings to stairs. Read on and take note!

Why go for microcement stairs?

Microcement stairs offer design, aesthetics, functionality and versatility. It is an ideal decorative element for creating interior spaces with a unique style. But the advantages of microcement in stairs do not end here.

-Microcement staircases are resistant

If you are thinking of renovating your stairs, bear in mind that covering them with microcement means opting for a material that is resistant to abrasion, knocks and foot traffic. It is a long-lasting decorative covering that does not crack over time.

Microcement staircase in a classic style house with wallpaper on the walls.
Microcement staircase in a classic style house with wallpaper on the walls.

Microcement cladding on a staircase is a firm commitment to exquisite design and extreme resistance, which allows the surface to be kept in good condition. This material is manufactured to be resistant to the sun's ultraviolet rays without undergoing color changes.

-They offer spectacular visual continuity

It creates microcement stairs with continuous surfaces and unique finishes that would be difficult to achieve with any other material. As a decorative covering, it offers incredible visual continuity thanks to the absence of joints, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The sensation of spaciousness is unequalled, which translates into a highly decorative atmosphere.

-Microcement stairs with maximum adherence to the substrate

Microcement provides maximum adherence to any type of support, a quality that is especially relevant for stairs, as it facilitates application and provides long-term safety. This high adhesion capacity means that the coating does not disappear.

A microcement staircase is a very personal thing and it is necessary to be clear about how the corners of the steps will be presented, which are the part of the staircase that is most exposed to scratches, knocks, chipping and abrasions. Whether the edges are rounded or straighter, microcement guarantees maximum adherence to the support due to the use of resins that generate greater flexibility.

-Get slip-resistant and safe surfaces

In addition to offering incomparable architectural beauty, microcement stairs are a guarantee of safety. The sealed surface provides a continuous non-slip coating that is impervious to running water. In this way we will have a staircase free of slips.

-Microcement stairs for interiors and exteriors

The design of microcement stairs is very important both indoors and outdoors, not only for decoration. They make it possible to overcome unevenness by creating a continuous surface that promotes our comfort. In addition, it is a covering that neither contracts nor expands with temperature changes.

Before opting for outdoor microcement stairs, we must first decide in which area of the garden we want them to be installed. This decision will be decisive in determining the aesthetics we want to give to our outdoor spaces.

Microcement staircase in a spacious and bright living room
Microcement staircase in a spacious and bright living room

-Renovate the stairs without building works or rubble

The thin thickness of microcement, barely 3 mm, makes it the best ally for covering stairs without the need for building work or clouds of debris. In other words, we can have a microcement staircase without having to remove the existing material, as it is a material that is applied directly on any support, except natural wood. A quick and luxurious renovation is achieved.

-Create staircases with a variety of colors

Walls are the best ally to achieve a luxurious room with high decorative value finishes. Play with combining pictures, frames and lamps, and even go for decorative wall coverings that enhance the decorative style of the house. If not, you can always combine paintings, photographs or paper. Taking the utmost care with wall finishes is a declaration of intent to create a luxurious room.

- Natural light: the ideal choice for luxury rooms

The tandem formed by stairs and microcement results in a beauty that is difficult to match with other materials. This cladding allows a wide variety of colors to be used to personalise any finish. In addition, with the pigmentation system you can obtain custom colors to create the staircase of your dreams. In Luxury Concrete you can choose up to 30 colors to achieve the microcement staircase that best suits your style, you will even find metallic tones! A chromatic range ready to seduce you.

Why is covering stairs with microcement a good idea?

Once we are clear about the advantages of microcement stairs, it is time to think about how to decorate them with style. We know that this continuous decorative covering is perfect for achieving a unique touch, but its beauty can be enhanced even more. Read on to find out more and find inspiration to bring every step to life.

1- Choose finishes with style

The first step is to choose the microcement finish that best suits the style of the staircase. There are different textures (coarse, medium or fine) depending on the desired finish. The most common is the medium finish, although rustic is also a good choice for exteriors and to achieve a rustic style.

Microcement staircase with wooden handrail on both sides
Microcement staircase with wooden handrail on both sides

2-Brightness to enhance the space of microcement staircases

Luminosity is an essential factor to highlight the style and finishes of the microcement staircase. A good solution is to use lamps and place them in the centre or on the sides of the staircase. Another way to enhance the space is to use spotlights and integrate them into the wall to achieve a more indirect and subtle lighting. Both options are equally valid, but choosing one or the other depends on the effect you want to achieve or how close you are to a natural light point.

3-Mirrors to enhance the finishes of microcement staircases

Mirrors are a beautiful and ideal decorative element to decorate microcement stairs. They are a perfect ally as staircases are often located in the darkest areas of the house. It is a good way to enhance luminosity in any decorative style.

Mirrors also allow us to play with our imagination. We can opt for several mirrors of different colors, sizes and shapes. If this choice does not convince us, we can always resort to a large mirror to place it in the centre of the wall of the microcement staircase.

4-Bet for railings

Handrails completely transform the appearance of microcement staircases. They are available for all styles and decorative tastes. And they have a similarity with microcement: they do not require a great deal of work to install. Glass balustrades add elegance and light.

It should be taken into account that we can find old railings with dark designs. With glass, they open up to the rest of the rooms and integrate perfectly with any decorative trend. If you prefer minimalism, to achieve a spectacular effect, join the banister and the steps in a continuous whole with microcement.

5-Wall cladding

But the decorative option that immerses the home in an atmosphere of maximum elegance has a name and a surname: wall cladding. Microcement on the staircase and on the wall creates an atmosphere where the aesthetics of the finishes reach their maximum expression. Wall cladding is ideal for achieving a minimalist style that provides depth, luxury and clean lines.

If the idea of having the same material on the wall and the staircase is not convincing, we can always resort to stone or wood for the walls. It is an excellent idea to create contrast. There is a wide variety of options for covering the staircase walls.